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Customs Clearance
Magot uses reliable Customs brokerage services to expedite the Customs clearance process for its clients. Our customs broker ensures full compliance with all customs laws and regulatory necessities. Magot is thus able to assist in all customs related matters, providing assistance with numerous relief programs including duty drawbacks, and many other mechanisms currently in place at Kenya Revenue Authority.
Air Freight Logistics

As your appointed partner, we transport your shipment with any of the world's major airlines We move shipments varying from an agent package to a full planeload to any part Cargo made for clearance in Mombasa ports are delivered out of storage within four days( working days)

Sea Freight

Whether you are importing or exporting or involved in cross-border, we have the infrastracture to service your requirements with convenient receiving depots. Our services are suited to clients with multiple overseas suppliers who seek the benefits of communication, co-ordination and consolidation. Shipments range from personal effects and general commodity or specialised cargo. We handle shipments of all sizes.

Door to Door

Clients benefit from the convenience of "one stop shipping" which includes Customs Clearance and delivery. Your freight is picked up at a shippers door and delivered to the port of export.

Bonded Warehouse And Distribution/Storage

Safety and convenience are two main assets at our warehousing and distribution facilities. We can conveniently facilitate your starage and distribution needs. We have a bonded warehouse which can be used for storage pending documentation.Warehouse hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00 pm and weekend shifts are available on request.

Packaging And Crating

Packaging of cargo is an important component of the multi-modal transport. Magot arranges packing utilizing the best quality of material to ensure safety and security cargo.


Once a week on fridays we Offer FCL'S services to and from Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda. Trucks can be arranged for exclusive runs on specific schedules as determined by client

we have a fleet of 2 Prime mover Lorries for Long haulage and several small vehicles for our day to day operation ( all our Lorries are comprehensively insured)

Pick Up And Delivery

This can arranged from within East Africa, in a most efficient and flexible manner to enhance door- to-door service.

Donkey Transport

We also offer donkey transport in areas where vehicles are rare like Lamu in Coast province.


Cargo insurance is an important facet of international Trade and very few importers or exporters can afford to risk the financial impact of any uninsured shipment.Coverage offered includes:

ALL RISKS - which includes the risks of war, tourism, strikes, riots and civil commotion.

F.P.A (FREE OF PARTICULAR) - which includes risks resulting from an accident to the carrying conveyance i.e Ship, air or truck.

Exceptions to coverage:

  • Loss due to delay or loss of market
  • Loss due to inherent vice or nature of the goods.
  • Loss reulting from insufficient or inadequate packagin

While Magot does take precaution to ensure the safety and prompt delivery of your merchandise, we do strongly recommend that all our clients purchase the delivery of your merchandise and all risk insurance package

Collect Shipments

Our global connection with reputable freight agents throughout the world network with us to facilitate shipments arrangements. We clear or forward the freight and release the relevant document once payment is obtained.
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