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A Kenyan National who has been residing outside the country is entitled to the privilege of importing one (unit) Motor Vehicle on tax – free basis as returning resident subject to the following conditions:

1. – A Kenyan is more than 18 years changing residents permanently.

2. - Must have stayed in the foreign country for more than Two (2) years.

3. - Owned and used the vehicle for a period not less than 365 Days excluding the period of voyage.

4. -The vehicle must be private (Not Commercial) and incase of pick up not exceeding Two (2) Tones.

5. -The unit should arrive within 90 Days of arrival of the owner.

6. -Within the Two(2) years you have been away ,you ought not have made a visit and stayed in Kenya for a period exceeding 90 Days in aggregate.

7.-Documents required to apply for the exemption from customs commissioner application is to be supported by attaching the following.

-Original passport to confirm 1, 2,5and 6 above

-Logbook to confirm point 3 AND 4 A BOVE

-Bill of lading or Airway Bill incase it is air lifted confirm point 5 above

-KRA pin card

-Insurance sticker for the cover you have been using for the vehicle At least for one (1) year.

-Airport boarding Pass.


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