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1, Route A: 0.475% of FOB value subjected to a minimum of (USD) excluding testing fees.

2, Route B: 0.425% of FOB value subjected to a minimum of USD 180 (excluding registration fees)

3, Route C: 0.25%of FOB value subjected to a minimum of USD 135 (excluding licensing fees)

4, Used vehicles: USD 163

5, Testing Fees: Determined on a case to case basis.

6, Registration Fees: USD 375 Covering 15 products/ line items USD 20 to be charged from every additional product/line item.

7, Licensing fees: Determined on a case by case basis.


Japan Export Vehicles Inspection (JEVIC) the inspection body mandated by KEBS to carry out mechanical inspection on all Road Vehicles destined to Kenya from the following countries:
1, Japan
2, Singapore
3, United Kingdom
4, Dubai UAE
5, South Africa

Other than verification ,the roadworthiness of  vehicles in  accordance with KS155:2000 JEVIC will commence verification of odometer reading with effect from 1st August  2009, Any discrepancies established between the regulatory/supporting     documents e.g. Export Certificate, Registration Documents-de-registration documents- Regulatory period  inspection documents ,Auction Sheet etc and the actual odometer reading at the time  of inspection will constitute a failure and such  vehicles will be issued a non-conformity Report (NCR). In which case they shall not be allowed into Kenya for more details visit www.jevic.co.jp.

Vehicles originating from countries other than the above mentioned ones will be subjected to local inspection at a fee provided that such vehicles are Right Handed Drive and not more than eight (8) years old from the year of first Registration (the difference between the year and the year of manufacture should not be more than eight (8) years)


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