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The following are required for Customs Import Entry purpose:

  • Original commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Original bill of lading (Two Originals)

  • Original Certificate of Conformity (COC)

  • Original Test Results/Reports/Analysis

  • Original Certificate of origin for preferential Trade Area partners e.g. COMESA

  • Import Declaration form and receipt

  • Insurance debit note

  • Importers Declaration (C52)

    These documents will enable Electronic Registration of the customs entry :the registered  Entry will be passed for  eventual release of the goods upon:

    -payment of import Taxes

    -providing a security bond

    Import taxes are payable to the appointed bank upon confirmation of the registration of the entry.
    The bank electronic confirmation of receipt of payable of import Taxes enables the customs Entry to be passed for further processing at the port of clearance.
    Security Bonds are executed and put in force against the entry as an undertaking or Guarantee to settle the import Taxes at a later data as per the provision of the relevant section of the Act.

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