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MAGOT FREIGHT SERVICES was registered in the year 1999 and incorporated under Companies Act(Cap 486) on the 9th August , 2002. Its a member of Kenya International Freight And Warehousing Association(KIFWA). Our main office is situated off main avenue from Mombasa ports, at Liwatoni road, opp railways station. The proximity of the office to Mombasa port was led by the need to offer our customers efficient services.
Our Mission

To provide quality and effective service in the industry coupled with secure atmosphere and efficient delivery guided by clear strategies and objectives.


Our Managing Director Mr. Michael Okatch Omondi is a result oriented and highly qualified in the field of clearing and forwarding, and has a vast wealth of experience of over 15 yrs. He has attended various Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) training sessions to update his skills and function effiently in the industry. In his training he acquired East Africa Customs & Freight Forwarders Practicing Certificate Course(EACFFPC), which covered customs tariff nomenclature, customs in the international context, WTO Agreement in Customs Valuation, Customs Clearance Procedures, Warehousing and Export Promotion, Customs Compliance, Facilitation and Enforcement, Freight Forwarding procedures, Port operation, Customer Care and Principles of Management, Appreciation of information and Communication.


We have a team of over 15 co-operative, highly qualified and competent staff who have enhanced the growth of Magot in the last 10 years. With their experience and fast operations they are now capable of handling an average of over 50 containers monthly.

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